Poland In NZ

What is said about Poland in New Zealand

The Importance Of Details And Non-Mediocrity. The Flag.

The Flag is important and so are symbolic details. Do you know how to hang the Polish flag vertically? We discovered that Polonia in New Zealand does know: the white on the left and the red on the right. This is how the meeting started with Małgorzata Sekuła-Szmajdzińska organised by Bogusław Nowak, the honorary Polish consul in Auckland.

The flag referendum in a nutshell - New Zealand

From over 10,000 submissions, just 4 flags have been handpicked to be chosen next year in a referendum.

Children's Polonia - The Sky's The Limit

Meetings with children are always fun and energetic. Though it is not so easy to organise them - if you want you can and only the sky is the limit! The last day of July there was a 'Polish' assembly at the Marshall Laing Primary School.

Emigrant Guide - August 2015


A good idea to travel and have free accommodation is Couchsurfing, a worldwide hospitality exchange. Couchsurfing is a practice of moving from one friend's house to another, sleeping in whatever spare space is available, floor or couch, generally staying a few days before moving on to the next house.

Emigrant Guide - July 2015

New Zealand is a wonderful tourist destination. Kiwis are friendly, trustful and very helpful. Here are a few hits on how to reduce travel cost and have some things to eat when you are longing for food from home.


Greeting Summer Polish Tradition And Fun

Is it a joke? - welcoming summer in the middle of winter? Coldest and shortest days! It is though, our life. June is the beginning of winter and Matariki festi- val in the country in which we live but June is when summer starts in the country of our origin. There are so many Polish games and traditions re- lated to summer that we decided to celebrate in June anyway.

Juicy And Sweet - Problems with Cutlery

Problems with cutlery? ‘Bring a plate' and 'bring your own' these are phrases which you often hear with an invitation to parties. Modern New Zealanders love to feast but they also like you to have you part in preparing. There is nothing like the Polish tradition of doing absolutely everything for the guest - to serve the best meal you can effort.


Grandma and granddad day

We celebrate grandmother's Day on 21st January and grandfather's Day 22nd of January. This is a gorgeous tradition which allows us to celebrate our own families and roots from where we come. priceless days with beautiful cards, often handmade and gifts which could enthralling and imaginative.

We invite you for the First Polish Picnic on the Beach and Valentine Day

Place: Long Bay Beach Regional Park (site 2)

When: 14.02.2016 (Sunday) we start at 11:00, those keen in participating in the organization we invite for 09:00.

Polish Tramping Club invites you for a 1 day trek of the Tongariro crossing (for advanced trampers)

When: 30.01.2016 - weather permitting - to be confirmed

Place: contact ad.gazetapolonia@gmail.com for details with Tongariro Crossing in the title.


Tauranga based Ewa Fenn, Vice President of Polish Community Trust, Bay of Plenty,was – once again – recognised for being the voice of migrants in the Western Bay of Plenty. On 3rd of  September 2015 she received an award for services to migrants at a special ceremony at Western Bay of Plenty District Council's Community Committee meeting.


The power of  Solidarity in 1980 was to look and do something to meet the needs of another person. Sucha  fundamental approach brought about  unity and integration especially in challenging and demanding situation of political changes. It is why, the idea of 'Solidarity Grid' idea is remarkably close to us.

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