„Czy w polityce nie o to winno chodzić, by tak zorganizować przestrzeń życia ludzkiego, aby człowiek nie zadawał ran drugiemu człowiekowi?” rozważania wg „ Etyki solidarności” księdza Tischnera Społeczna nauka XX wieku


"Is it not the most important in politics to organize the space
of human life so that man does not inflict injuries on another person?”

Tischner’s thoughts in "Ethics of Solidarity" Social teaching of XX century



The idea of ​​"Solidarity" was a beautiful idea of ​​the 80s of the last century. Tischner wrote: "Solidarity is something for us to copy, that which is determined as we realize it and what we still need to define anew. Solidarity has been and will remain a social phenomenon. it is solidarity with people,
it is solidarity with the other, who "calls for help", wounded "the most painful wound because it is unnecessary". Is there a place in politics for Solidarity, asked Tischner, and answered: Yes,
it is, especially in bad politics, in politics that does not create space for "a good Samaritan" Today's times particularly require understanding and new definitions. Particularly important in the world of re-emerging nationalism and separatism, is the dialogue with “the other”, in search of the truth;
"A reliable dialogue arises from a certain assumption that must be accepted - explicitly or silently - by both sides: neither I nor you are able to know the truth about ourselves if we remain distant from each other, locked in the walls of our fears, but we must look at ourselves from the outside:
I see you through your eyes, you see me with my eyes, we must compare our views in the conversation and only this way we are able to find the answer to the question “how it really is with us?” As long as I look at myself with my own eyes -
I know only a part of the truth.” said Tischner
in the “Ethics of Solidarity.” It is extremely important to nurture and discover the "Solidarity community", in which the "wounded and the cry" is in the central place. In this way our humanity gains
the power of survival and generates the community.



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