Children and Freedom ? Can Polish history be interesting? and is it worth to teach our children history? The “Independence Children” - What our children should know about regaining of independence


Sometimes we ask ourselves how much should our children know about Polish history about our traditions?

It is not easy to teach stories of history outside the country. And is it necessary? November is a special month in our history and tradition. It is a feast of All Saints and All Souls, a tradition of communion with ancestors, reflection on everyday life
and the sense of existence.

It is also the month in which Poland re-appeared on the maps of Europe and the world after many years of non-existence. Years in which maintaining Polishness was a manifestation of patriotism and often heroism.

And how to teach our children patriotism? How and whether to celebrate the state anniversaries with them? This is a question that everyone answers a bit on their own, and the answer,
even if it is not given, it lies somewhere in our peripheries of consciousness.

Today in the world of globalization, patriotism and tradition may seem unnecessary
and old-fashioned. However, each of us at some point in our life is looking for our roots,
trying to understand our being here and now goes back to the past of our ancestors.
The 21st century seems to be particularly thirsty for this searching. Also our children will face this question whether they are teenagers or adults. It is worth showing them our history and to teach them to enjoy their history.

History can be taught in various ways. Anna Skowrońska in an interview with Wojciech Musiał regarding her book The “Alphabet of Independence” says:

"In every entry I tried to create a picture explaining a given situation. There are slogans that must have appeared: Paderewski, Piłsudski, Dmowski ... There are also those that were not crucial to regaining independence, but they complement the history of that time, eg. A taste of favorite food or the Kosciuszko Squadron, which did not have much military significance during the Polish-Bolshevik war, but it was founded by one of its pilots, an American who later became a film producer and produced the first version of King Kong. "

The taste of the past can often be found through conversations with those who are still alive. Each life brings its own story that is important for our future, the future of our children. Let us tell our stories and start talking.

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