In our days, love is understood as a feeling. Feelings are transient and fleeting, independent of us, we can only experience them. But love is not only
a feeling or an emotion, love is also an act, a deed and a commitment. Love is a decision to accept the other. In our times, commitments have lost importance, they can be reversed. We just say “something has come up”. We have all become very busy and occupied. In Hebrew, there is the word ‘chesed’;, it allows us to understand that at the heart of our interactions with others is openness
to another person (requiring time and commitment) as well as self-conscious response. Our relationships with other people create our daily life and they create the future of coming generations.


Gazeta Polonia wishes all our readers the best for the New Year, wishing many meetings marked by openness to ‘the other’, the presence of loved-ones, integrity and a lot of time to celebrate that which is most important to us - being together

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