The boundaries are only in our minds, time zones and other difficulties never will  separate us from each other

"Sometimes something bad happens with human hope. Hope becomes smaller in us and the space for it in our lives diminishes. The ethos of hope is lost", so wrote Jósef Tischner in "Myślenie według wartości (Thinking according to values)". Then ones hides and becomes "a man from a hiding-place", suffering from an illness of hope, a one’s hope is driven by fear, a desire to escape from people and from the world.

 In social life, two sides collide – on one side are the events and facts and on the other there is our consciousness about them, our way of reading reality. The way we experience social life is the way we respond to events and participate in them. In everyday life we ​​make constant choices. All our engagement starts in the name of hope. In our "post-truth era" it is essential to protect and enliven this Hope which is directed towards the future. Easter is a celebration of joy and hope. The editors of Gazeta Polonia wish all of you lots of hope and joyful and fruitful engagement in the daily life of our "little homelands".



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