EDITORIAL - What would you do if you weren't afraid?


"The promise of equality is not the same as true equality.” The modern world demands frequent changes of our roles in society and constant challenges to adjust to different circumstances.

The role of women has markedly changed throughout the centuries. To accommodate their new role in today's society they had and have to fight the continuing stereotypes, often through wide national and international actions or protests; such as when the United Nations proclaimed 1975 to be a ‘Women's Year’, or by organising world conferences on specific women’s right issues or organising strikes or marches.

 In the 20th century women gained their rights for representation and acknowledgment as an integral and significant part of society. Women gained the right to education, to vote, financial independence, to participate in public life and to perform jobs previously reserved only for men. Yet inequities and gaps between men’s and women’s rights still remain in many countries. The simplest example – the gender gap pay in New Zealand is 12% and in Poland 19%, not to mention other discrepancies such as ‘glass ceilings’.

In 2013 Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) founded LeanIn.org (Lean In Foundation) to support women in "offering women the ongoing inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals. In her book ‘Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead’, she has written “The more women help one another, the more we help ourselves. Acting like a coalition truly does produce results. Any coalition of support must also include men, many of whom care about gender inequality as much as women do.” 

It was probably Williams Shakespeare who said “I am a woman and when I think I must speak”.

Is it a sign of the twenty first century that as women we must speak out, have a stronger and louder voice and self-confidence in ourselves. We cannot stay silent ......... today's problems in the world of technological and scientific advances, information/ cybernetic revolution, and rapidly changing social interactions. We must speak and act together to address inequities and ethical dilemmas of the modern world to protect and develop our humanity and human dignity for further generations.



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