Editorial: Words do matter


I feel so sentenced by your words

I feel so judged and sent away

Before I go I’ve got to know,

Is that what you mean to say

Ruth Bebermeyer


A year ago in March 2018, at the 50 anniversary of March 1968 we wrote: ‘if is difficult to understand the depth of non-violent change. We often do not see our "violence" because of our ignorance in this aspect. We assume that we do not use violence because we do not kill, do not fight, do not beat and we do not participate in war. However, if we understand the violence of the modern world, we will understand that there are different types of violence… Violence begins at the level of language, and in understanding it we able to better understand many social events that have been triggered by violent language and propaganda. March is a special month this year, as 50 years have past since March 1968, the month in which language of violence towards the ‘other’ caused harm and hatred. Today, when we hear similar language around us, it becomes particularly important to use ‘non-aggressive communication’.

Today shocked by the Christchurch tragedy we repeat: ‘WORDS DO MATTER’. Gazeta Polonia wishes all our readers and supporters a warm, wonderful Easter 2019 with mutual understanding, acceptance, openness and being together.  



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