Emigrant Guide - July 2015


New Zealand is a wonderful tourist destination. Kiwis are friendly, trustful and very helpful. Here are a few hits on how to reduce travel cost and have some things to eat when you are longing for food from home.


If you are looking for free accommodation, you can use one of the following websites where nobody will charge you for a comfortable bed and food in exchange for 4 to 6 hours work each day.

Farm Helpers in New Zealand,http://www.fhinz.co.nz

Helpx, https://www.helpx.net

Outback Helpers Scheme: www.outbackhelpersscheme.com

Organic farm helpers: http://www.wwoof.co.nz


If you want some favourite food products you may find them under the English names: buckwheat, cottage cheese and horseradish for example. However, if you want to find some- thing more specific I recommend Skazka in Newmarket, which offers Polish and Russian products such as pickled cu- cumbers, pearl barley or millet groats, white cottage and sweets. There address is

16 Kingdom Road, New Market, Auckland

http:// www.skazka.co.nz


If you want to experience a different kind of cinema I recom- mend the Bridgeway Cinema. Great architecture, welcoming service, non-commercial productions and the opportunity to watch the movie while holding a glass of wine. Their address is

Bridgeway Cinema, 122 Queen Street, Northcote Point, Auckland



The most common job website is www.seek.co.nz which advertises many job offers. Good luck but be prepared it is not easy to find a job in New Zealand so you will need a good CV.

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