'Girls from Syberia' by Anna Herbich


There 10 dramatic stories of  young women begins in a  very similar  young way with the banging at the door, few minutes to pack  and a long journey by catlle trains into the unknown. Janina, Stefania, Danuta, Alina, Natalia, Danuta, Weronika, Grażyna, Barbara, Zdzisława at the beginning of their young life were taken by the Soviets  to Siberia only becuase they were born Polish. They survived the death of their closest families, excruciating hunger and cold, slave labour and discrimination. They come back only to find that their world, homes, families do not exist any more and will never come back. They survived because of braveness and strengths. We can not just stay a passerby in today's unsettled world with thousend of misplaced people, after reading this book. 'People create this fate for others'

Szymborska has written

'Some people fleeing from some people

in a country under the sun

and some clouds.

They leave behind them some of their all

someome will come out to meet them, only when, who...

May not wish to be their enemy

and let them to live some life'


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