Greeting Summer Polish Tradition And Fun


Is it a joke? - welcoming summer in the middle of winter? Coldest and shortest days! It is though, our life. June is the beginning of winter and Matariki festi- val in the country in which we live but June is when summer starts in the country of our origin. There are so many Polish games and traditions re- lated to summer that we decided to celebrate in June anyway. On the 13th of June this fantastic meeting hap- pen for children and for those young at heart.

So many of us came. For many of us it was the first time we met. From the start we had to use names tags to re- member each others’ names. By the end we felt we knew each other for years. We enjoyed celebrating summer in the middle of the winter!

The children enjoyed the ‘Polish’ Twist- er which was painted on a large white sheet and they loved to play while learning Polish names for the colours. Also face painting as always brought so much fun. Polish karaoke initially was not so easy as for our children born and brought up in NZ Polish words are hard to read and pronounce. But a speeding train through the kitchen, living room and the backyard quickly dissolved all boundaries . The good old song ‘Jedzie pociąg z daleka’ (A train is coming from afar) was a great hit although sometimes the wagons fell apart. Everyone enjoyed the meeting, even the teenagers who were surprised by how many of us live so close by.

Although ‘Noc Świętojańska’ (St John’s Night) is the shortest night in NZ (24.06.) and we did not look for the ‘kwiat paproci’ (fern tree flower) and we did not send ‘wianki’ (wreaths) on the river - too far and too cold! Howev- er everyone had fun with Polish sum- mer traditions. The Bouncy Castle was of course the best not only for children but also for the parents most of whom tried it for the first time in their life. They experienced how hard a job it is to jump on the castle!
Delicious Polish food - bigos, barbecue sausages and placki ziemniaczane (potato fitters) with and late-night long Polish discussions about ’very im- portant matters’ concluded the meet- ing. All agreed that it was a great idea for being together.


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