The history of Polish settlers in New Zeland is tightly linked to the history of New Zealand itself. The first Poles to visit New Zeland arrived together with cpt. Cook at the end of the XVII century. The first polish familly that decided to settle in New Zealand was the Subritzky familly, they've came in 1843. The biggest group of Polish people so far that came to New Zeland in the XIX century, it was estimated to be between 500 and 1000 people. Back in XX century there were two major groups that arrived during, and right after the Second Wold War and after the Martial Law in Poland. 

Early Polish Mag - Part 2

By publishing this article (the first part was published in our previous issue) we would like to open a forum for all New Zealanders whose  ancestors arrived in New Zealand from Poland. They came to Aotearoa with hope for a better future. Their children and grandchildren were born as New Zealanders. We invite you to write your family stories (and not only) to Gazeta Polonia.

Early Polish Mag - Part 1

Polish people have had a long settlement history in New Zealand beginning with the second and third voyages here of Captain James Cook. In his well-researched book History of Polish Settlers in New Zealand (1990), J B (George) Pobog-Jaworowski, has detailed the biography of many individuals who came here to seek a better life in a new land.

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