Historia Pewnej Miłości Sylwia


It sounds like the beginning of a romantic novel, but instead the story of two people talk about the beginning of fascination with distant country that has endured for more than one does not love. The story in fact goes quite far back because until 2001, when, together with my husband and then we decided to have sympathy distant expedition to the end of the world. This time, when Poland was not yet in the European Union was the beginning of departures of young people mainly to the UK. After the Polish accession to the European Union in 2005, the scale of trips actually took the form of a national exodus. Suffice it to say that now the Poles are the second largest nation in Wielskiej Britain. But returning to the subject, that in 2001 to go to Britain Wielskiej you had to have a real preparation, not only financial, but also purchased at least 2 semesters at a language school. This event allowed to work 20 hours a week. The choice of course was not too great, but there were eg. A fascinating adventure in the TB Clinic (to Michael) or packaging of hundreds of letters in the campaign NationalAsthmaCampain. For those who do not go back that far or memory they have long looked to Europe on the other hemisphere remember that trip to New Zealand if required to obtain a visa, which during the year stay in London, we were able to get. After returning to the Polish we planned our trip for the New Zealand summer 2002. The first semester of the third year of studies was a countdown of days to leave, and when they landed in Auckland syndrome "open mouth" did not disappear for a week. That trip, the first was the beginning of a great love for the country, nature, people, climate and lifestyle whose memory is always a consolation bad mood and feeling miserable. The views Piha Beach, Coromandel, HaurakiGulf, Cathedral Cove - albeit a tiny slice of the country, and in fact only the North Island - so effectively sunk us in mind that with increasing appetite for adventure and with unflagging pleasure visited New Zelandię three times since then. Believe it or not, but we tried to find yourself some nice place a little closer to Polish and fall in love, but the force is unfortunately not possible. All our trips between trips to New Zealand, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Mozambique, Canada always ended by saying next time to New Zealand. I could not, however, share these experiences were not the hospitality of the family and friends who took us all extremely welcome, with multiple joint contribution did this to lift up a glass of fine New Zealand sauvignonblanc.


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