The little homelands are social attitudes and patterns of community actions.

The "little homeland" Leszek Kolakowski wrote: "This is a town,
or a village in which we were born, the center of the world. It's a small space, in which we have our homes, streets, cemeteries, churches,
a small space built with great human effort, by wars destroyed
and rebuilt, this is the center of the world.

Being bilingual is an interesting subject and raises many questions and sometimes some anxiety. Psychologists involved in child development know that there are many advantages of bilingualism. And the youngest children can easily learn languages. Four years ago the Polish Bilingual Day was established. This year it was on 20 and 21st
of October.NZ participated in these days from the very beginning by organising various events.
This year the event was organised by the Polish Tramping Club at Shakespear Park.
The participants were awarded Diplomas of Young Ambassadors of Bilingualism". However, this was not our only evening this year, the events promoting Bilingualism were organised during
the first three Sundays  of  October.
And so on the first Sunday thanks to the organization of Kasia and the "Little Polygotes"
we had a great time at the Bilingual Spring Picnic. On the second Sunday, children from Polish school enjoyed their language skills playing bilingual games. And interested adults were invited to participate in the seminar “Let's talk about bilingualism” - led by a psychologist.


We thank all of those involved!


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