Juicy And Sweet - Problems with Cutlery


Problems with cutlery? ‘Bring a plate' and 'bring your own' these are phrases which you often hear with an invitation to parties. Modern New Zealanders love to feast but they also like you to have you part in preparing. There is nothing like the Polish tradition of doing absolutely everything for the guest - to serve the best meal you can effort. New Zealanders love to meet but they also do not want the stress with too much cooking or spending to much money. So it is common to share the meal preparations. Everyone brings something for the meal and puts it on the table for all to try. 'Bring a plate' does not mean that your host does not have enough cutler or cockary. Do not come with an empty plate, but bring a salad, cake or something else you like to share with others. ' Bring your own' usually means drinks but some use the term in a wider meaning - so ensure you do not need to bring your own meat when you are invited for a barbecue.

Marta Mazurkiewicz

http://nz-juicyandsweet.blogspot.co.nz/Marta Mazurkiewicz

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