Meeting with delegates fro Muzeum II Wojny Światowej Gdańsk


  •   ‘1939. Memory and message" film miniature prepared by the Museum of World War II in connection with the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. Witnesses to history tell their poignant stories about the duration of this horrific conflict. Representatives of the post-war generation are represented by people for whom the memory of war carries the duty to take the right attitude in everyday life. The talk is grounded on a statement of The President of Poland Andrzej Duda.
  •  Film Spot promoting the activities of the Museum of World War II
  • Dr. Karol Nawrocki's speech ,,In the face of two totalitarianism. Poland and Poles during World War II", which refers to the historical events of 1939, and in them to the role of Westerplatte, the role of the Polish soldier on the war fronts in 1940 (80th anniversary), as well as to the importance to Poland of the way the war ended in 1945( 75th anniversary). In the final part, it will describe the museum's call for memorabilia
  • Waldemar Kowalski – will inform about the possibility and the mode of donating memorabilia, as well as the role and use of oral history at the Museum of World War II in Gdańsk.
  •  Dr. Karol Polejowski will present "The fate of children in Soviet deportation", in which he will present a topic devoted to the history of Polish children sent after September 1939 deep into the Soviet Union, who often orphaned, found refuge in Africa, India, New Zealand and Mexico. The presentation will include a short film of the same name.
  • The expected duration of the whole presentation together with the discussion is about 2 hours. 
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