My Meetings

Over the centuries New Zealand has become the home for many Polish people. A lot of them have very interesting lives which are worth describing for the next generations. Our mission is to create a place where those worthfull memories can be stored. As the editors of the Gazeta we wish to create a place where readers can actively patricipate in the creation of this repository. 

In memory of Marian Gorzkowski

"Phoning you I am whispering so I do not wake you up"

Marian Gorzkowski (26.01.1915-17.08.1992)

A Story Of Kazimierz Wodzicki

I am 7 years old and just ended a journey of my life. It is 1963 I have travelled through half the world by ship. I left my little world in a Polish town to come to New Zealand to meet an unknown grandmother. I arrived in Wellington with my parents and sister by plane as the ship did not go as far as New Zealand.

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