new series of articles Polish  modern philosophical thought

​​Leszek Kolakowski, in his book "Mini lectures on matters maxi"


"On Authority"

By the authority writes Leszek Kolakowski, we can understand a lot. Power, broadly speaking, means any control of the world by man. Including control over your own body and mind. However in the narrower sense, power is to influence on the lives of others. Leszek Kolakowski says that each of us has such a desire for power and influence on the fate of people, but not everyone would really rule. The authority is inseparable from the responsibility. To rule without taking responsibility for the decisions becomes tyranny. Extremes bring no solutions, anarchy brings a risk of tyranny too- as stronger impose its influence on weaker..

However  weak authority without taking responsibility brings disaster to the nation.

Kolakowski writes - " control of the people over the power are never perfect, but the most effective which humanity has so far invented to prevent arbitrary tyranny.

society control over power, limit the scope of state power to do what is really necessary, that the social order was maintained. Controlling everything what people means as much as totalitarian regime "

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