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The Stories of Iceberg             

This story is dedicated to Krzyś Wałczyk

a friend who can be close being far away and far away being close depends what exactly is needed ...

... But when I say in the second person, this is not necessarily directed to Him.. It is just like it was written simply a story that I want to dedicate to a Friend ...


- What The Iceberg can know? What does it know? What can it tell?

- Oh, no, do not laugh at The Iceberg. It is older than you. it saw a lot. It knows various secrets.

Far away, high and white

the seas north,

I'm drifting - The Iceberg

There is only ice and stone

But the diamond is the middle.

A world away from Poland yet still celebrating World Youth Day.


Over the weekend 160 students from 11 Catholic schools around the South Island, came together at the Marian College and Catholic Cathedral College site in Christchurch for a weekend of faith, friendship and fun. The event was dreamt up 18 months ago so students could have their own World Youth Day experience despite not being in Poland.

Panama is the next WYD host



On Sunday 31 July Pope Francis announced that the next country who will have the honour of welcoming millions of faithful youth is Panama!


New Zealanders - WYD

New Zealanders are present in Krakow - we await for their reports, articles, reflections, photos 

But also those who could not go to Poland, accompany youth from the whole world - today - in Auckland and in Christchurch

In CHristchurch young people from Christchurch High schools, pray and sing together.

Polish Ambassador, Zbigntew Gniatkowski is with them.

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