"OFF TO RIO" by Caroline Rezner


'Off To Rio'

'Off To Rio' to Gazeta Polonia. 'when my mum asked me about it, I thought it is a great idea. I would love that Polish children will read my book . I am 9 years old. I have a brother, sister and a dog. I play piano and love to dance'                                                                                                                                                   Caroline Rezner


Chapter I

George Washington's room is small. He lives near the centre of  San Francisco. He sat in his bedroom looking out the window. Seeing the view of cars. It was the rush hour. He blows his ginger curls out of his eyes.
Something catches his eye. Georgia was looking straight outside her window which is right opposite George’s. He smiles at her. She smiles back. Her cat Toby jumped up on the windowsill and licked her face. Georgia giggles and throws a smile at George. They've been friend ever since.
George was never an ordinary child. Nor was his whole family. They never had house pets like puppies, cats, fish and all. At the moment it is the public holidays. George is bored and hungry. His dad’s watching a movie that isn’t appropriate for a 11 year old boy. His mum’s shopping with Hannah his sister. So basically he’s alone and filled with boredom. A flash of  anger comes through his mind but before he could blink it was out. At school a lot of people offend his curls.  A boy, James, makes the most stupidest sayings about him.
 ‘Hey George? Your curls are so ugly they remind me of a clown.’
It's not funny. It's dumb. The only person that never hurt his feelings at school is Georgia. The teacher even made fun of him.
‘George, are you suppose to look like a freaky clown?’
His family is the friendliest. His mum loves him and actually says the good things about those curls. He doesn't understand why everybody has to make fun of his ginger curls? It's how god made him and it's who he is. It's who we all are. George is happy with how he looks. It’d be too hard to change it. Unless he shaves it off and buys a wig. But that won't happen. Ever. A bam comes from the hallway.
 ‘I’m back.’
 She kisses dad on the cheek. George whizzed down to the kitchen.
‘G’day son.’
His dad grips onto his shoulder stiffly. George nearly trips but dad catches his hand.
‘Watch your step next time.’
And a creepy smile plasters on his face. George has nightmares about those cheesy smiles. But he never had a nightmare about his mum. Dad turns back to mum and dad says, ‘how’d it go Rachel?’ Then Hannah barges in, ‘there were long queues to the paying area.’
‘No wonder it took so long!’ George laughs.
‘Yeah, I was worried we’d never get through.’
George yawns and moans, ‘what's for dinner?’ ‘Planned it yesterday, we’ll have French  fries dipped in Garlic sauce. As soon as the idea comes into his mind, his stomach rumbles. ‘Mmmm. Delicious.’
He rushes upstairs and looks back out the window. Georgia was holding up a sign. He reaches for his glasses and stares at the words; May I come over? George opens the top draw. And writes big bold letters clearly and neatly so Georgia could see. I’d love to, sure! He watches her cross the road. Her hands in her pocket and a frown of her face. Every time she passes a road she frowns because she has horrible memories of her sister crossing the road. Her sister passed away. So the doorbell rang. ‘I’ll get it…’ Hannah moans. ‘Hello.’ ‘What do you want.’ She hisses at her. ‘I’d like to play with George.’ Hannah opens up and lets her in. Hannah never liked Georgia because Georgia didn't let Hannah in the conversation. That was years ago and it was only once. George begged and begged for Hannah to forgive Georgia but she never dared to try. George hears footsteps coming towards him. ‘Hello Georgia.’
George always had that British accent in him.
 ‘G’day hairy George .

George knew it wasn't suppose to be offensive or mean. As long it wasn't about those curls. Georgia’s mainly Australian but she moved to San Francisco because in the summer it was too hot to survive for them. George comes from England. The British accent is strong. George thinks is weird that his whole family comes from different places.
Mum comes from Germany but moved to Russia. Dad was already in Russia and that's how they met. They moved to Austria, the neighbor of Germany, that's when George's, elder sister was born, they lived there for 15 years. Next to England, where George was born. Then they moved here, to San Francisco. ‘So… how's your day been George ?’ ‘OK.’ George lies. ‘Oh come on there got to be a better answer than that!’ She pats George on the back. ‘Fine, boring, hunger and bad. It's all I felt and all I did.’




Chapter II

„Rest of guest” 

When Georgia leaves, George kneels on the couch and whines. Dad comes to sit down next to him.

‘What's up little fella?’ 

Before George replies he hears loud sirens drifting across the street. 

‘Nothing much.’ 

Dad nudges George.

‘Ouch. What was that for?’

‘Say what you did! I’m interested. What did you do with Georgia? Hopefully nothing inappropriate.’ 

‘Dad…please stop.’ 

‘Right, I get it son.’

‘Fine, I’ll tell you. We were writing down all the colours of the cars that passed by in the street.’ 

‘Alright… is that all?’

‘I was drawing with her and making art. It’s nothing big!’ 



Chapter III 

The argue.

George wakes up with a note on his bed saying, At 12:00 meet in the park. From Georgia. 

He stands up with a heavy sigh, wanting to go back to bed. Then he thought, How did Georgia get the note in here? It wasn't when she left. George was hoping she doesn't spy on him when he sleeps. He twists and turns and makes growls in the night. It Also would be awkward if someone was staring at you all night long. 


A voice calls from the hallway. ‘You awake?’ It was dad, as usual awake early. ‘Yes.’ George calls. ‘What woke you up.’ When the question was deep down in his head, there was a distraction. He didn't want to let him know about what had happened so he just changed the subject. ‘I don’t know. Probably my nightmare,’ he Iied.

Even though he didn't have any tonight, he just sticks to the plan. ‘What happened in it?’ ‘Dad. Do you have to know everything? I don’t ask you that many questions so leave me alone!’ Dad’s voice lowers; ‘Son, lately you've been mad at me. Now, I really need to know this, what's been going on?’ ‘Nothing, it's just really annoying. No one ever minds there own business and instead asks me the most dumbest question, like, 

What's up with you hair dude?’

 ‘But I don't ask you that. You're my son. I would never offend your ginger curls!’ He wails.

‘It's not only about the curls dad. It's just, I am not YOU. I have to get on with my own life now. I'm 11. And soon I’ll be 12!’

George’s birthday was in the next week. 

Mum jogs with joy into the room. ‘Aww you look so sweet together! Let me take a picture. George, move closer to dad.’ 

She reaches for the camera and says, ‘cheese!’ George purposely frowns. ‘George, why didn't ya smile?’ His mother moans. Then George replies, ‘at the moment me and dad aren't having a good day.’ ‘That's why he frowned.’ Dad adds. ‘Andy, could you send him to his room?’ She whispers. ‘Absolutely.’ George heard the whisper and without being told he stomps upstairs like if he was an elephant. Earlier on he planned that he would watch a funny video because he's sad.


Chapter IV


When George was ready he went to alexander park to meet up with Georgia. He found her sitting on a bench waiting silently. As soon as Georgia spots George, she smiles and stands. ‘Hey George!’ She cheers. ‘Hi.’ He replied. ‘So why am I here?’ Asked George. ‘To chat…’ she answered. ‘Oh my goodness! I saw you yesterday. We talked about everything. There is barely anything to talk about. I’ve wasted my own time to come to the park, and, I dunno, do NOTHING?’ He exclaims.
‘I didn't know you would get so serious about it.’ She says calmly. ‘Why don't you say something, huh? I’ll listen, reply, and leave.’ ‘Sure… my news is…’ There was a pause. A long pause. George stands there with folded arms and his left eyebrow lifted up. ‘I lost a tooth. I can't find it. I know
I lost it in the sports gear shed at school. This is a two or more person job. Are you free to help?’ When George hears what she said, he buries his face in his hands. ‘Not today Georgia. I have some work to do that my mum gave me.
And at 3:00 to 6:00 I’ll be at a performance slash concert. From 6:30 to 8:30 My family is shopping in the mall. So, I am quite busy. Sorry.’ He explains
in a very calm voice. ‘Anything else you wanna add?’ He asks. ‘Yes. What time tomorrow are you free?’ ‘At 12:30 I am. How about you?’ ‘I’m free all day!
I will meet you at twelve thirty at school. See you then!’ George walks back home. He flops on his bed and does just what he told Georgia he will do. As he promised of course. But George forgot that mom and dad today are at work for longer than usual. He lay down until nine and went down to the kitchen. He was surprised he didn’t see his mother, so he opens the fridge hungrily and takes out the lasagna from yesterday’s dinner. He pours some water into the cup. He puts his lasagne in the microwave for 5 minutes.


Then he takes it out and puts it on the table, "delicious," he says. Then, halfway eating, Hannah enters the room, saying, "What are you up to?" "Lasagne from Yesterday". "Oh, yum!" So goes to the kitchen and get’s the lasagne without heating it up. George rolls his eyes and washed his plate. Wordlessly he takes a shower, washes his teeth and returned to his room. It was only 7 o'clock, so he decides to watch a movie. When he prepares the popcorn Hannah entered the room again and said, "Can I watch with you?" "I don’t mind."

George does not yet know that this evening is one of the last such boring evenings that he’ll be sitting on the couch with his sister.

His parents returned quite late when he was already asleep.

He was awakened by the beautiful scent of bacon and eggs. Mom went into the room and greeted him with a smile.

“Would you like a delicious breakfast?” she asked.

“We have a very important message for you but we will talk about it at the table.” Mum imports.

George leaped out of bed. He jumped into his favorite pants and green shirt. He had a hunch that it would be his happy day.

The family waited for him at the table. His dad seemed a bit upset. Mum announced that what she wants to say is very important and she hopes everyone will be happy.

George had the impression that this moment lasted forever ...

"We are moving to Rio," she said excitedly.

“Dad got a new job there!”

George could not believe it. Is it possible that just his dream will be fulfilled? Is it true? Is he not dreaming?

Thousands of thoughts ran through his head. He was incredibly happy. Only one thing grieved him very much.

“What about my friendship with Georgia? How do I tell her?”

As soon as he finished his breakfast he ran to Georgia. When he rang the bell he also waited for someone to open the door. At the door stood the girl's dad. Georgie was in the distance. She was sitting in a chair sadly.

“You already know? Asked the boy.

She nodded. “I'm not sad that you're only moving out but that I can not go with you” She replies. George was very sad. Suddenly he realized that Georgia was his greatest friend, he would always remember that.



by Caroline Rezner


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by Caroline Rezner



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