'A step to the left...' We Simple Wanted To Dance


'Polonus' is a dance group in Christchurch established a  year ago.  It includes 20 people. The first performance was at  Multicultural Race Relation Day in  Oamaru in 2014. ' There we dance Polonez, having sown our costumes' said Ela Sawicka.,

' It was to be a single performance however a year later Polonus is still dancing.   Polonus performed at the Global Football Festival and at the 70th anniversary of the arrival of Pahiatua Children.  The passion for dance brought together adults, youth and children. 'we even become known in Australia where we received an invitation to perform at the PolArt festival in Melbourne in 2015', said Dorota Szymańska, the president of the Polish Association in Christchurch..

In this Festival NZ dance groups such as 'Lublin' and 'Orlęta' have been represented for a long time. It is going to be first time for our Christchurch group at PolArt.

The wander of such initiatives such as 'Polonus' ,' Orlęta',  'Lublin' or PolArt depends on the voluntarily work of enthusiasts.  Polonus will dance in Melbourne three dances: poloneza, krakowiak, andkujawiaka.

Dance integrates the Polish community and creates amazing performances promoting Polish culture.


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