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Dlaczego taniec jest ważny?

Dance develops a sense of rhythm, affects health and develops a sense of self-confidence. Dance develops the child's versatile motor skills, which is especially important in pre-school and early school years. It develops reflex and motor coordination. Dance also teaches regularity, duty and discipline. Engagement is important in dance. Thanks to learning to dance, children take their duties more seriously, learn to cooperate in a group, learn  to build interpersonal relationships, help each other,  and it enhances mutual acceptance. Dance exercises develop memory, orientation, attention, perceptiveness
and the so-called creative and movement intelligence. Dance helps to build your own positive self-esteem and a sense of value. During dance, the level of endorphins in the blood rises, thanks to which we relish and strengthen our sense of happiness and contentment.  Dance also strengthens such elements of character as patience, bravery, endurance.    Reprint Gazeta Polonia luty 2018

TIKERA – THEATRE GROUP invites children to join the dancing group

In February and March – we offer free dance classes with the aim
to perform at the Auckland International Cultural Festival 5th of April

First Dancing Class

when: Saturday 15th February at 15:00 – 16:30

where: Polish House,
1 McDonald Street, Sandringham
Come and join! Zapraszamy!

Tikera - Polish Theatre Group in Auckland has been operating since September 2017. So far the children’s dance group under the guidance of a professional dance teacher has prepared one or two performances per year. This year The Auckland Polish Association is pleased to offer regular dance classes throughout the year.
The aim of the group is to develop dance skills and thereby strengthen the overall development of children, especially movement coordination, reflexes, team interaction skills, and creative and movement intelligence. An additional advantage of participating in classes is learning Polish dances and performing at multicultural festivals.

For more information contact: info@poloniaauckland.co.nz  or phone 0210524323

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Contact details:

for lessons in February & March:
Aga P—email: vega83@tlen.pl, mobile: 0210462868

Enrolment for dance lessons from April 2020    

            Agnieszka Dawidowska -email: info@poloniaauckland.co.nz








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