In Krakow held the World Youth Days, we are editing a special issue next month. r. All participants and those who wish to share the mark of his thought and faith are welcome you write to us (deadline 20.08.2016)  

The meeting took place in the year announced by  Pope Francis - the Year of Charity.

In his edict "Misericordiae Vultus' Pope reminded Fanciszek teaching of John Paul II.

"Before all the holy Pope stressed the necessity of mercy in the culture of our day".

Nowadays  mentality , more than in the past, people in the past tends to marginalise idea of mercy as lives are  cut off from the human heart. The concept of "mercy" seem to cause uneasiness to a man who by unknown previously science development  and technological advances more than ever before in history, has become the master, and made himself the lands subjected. This "domination over the earth," sometimes understood one- sided and superficial way,seems to have no room for mercy. "

Keynote of youth meeting with the Pope were the words: "Blessing the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy"

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