WROCLAW - the European Capital of Culture


In Wrocław, the European Capital of Culture, there are constant cultural events despite rainy winter weather.  There were four jazz concerts and two modern dance plays in the Between Festivals.  Kathrin Pethoff German' harp performed with Christian Weidner bassist and contrabassist Robert Landfermann. New improvisation played  Piotr Łyszkiewicz Trio and Olaf Rupp, with a gituar being hold vertically (he was inspired by Chinese Lyra) .

The exposition of 25 years of architectural history in Europe "Made in Europe" has ended. There was almost 150 models of buildings awarded in the competition ‘Mies van der Rohe Award.’ A lot of young reporters  and people wanting to try journalism participated in the Szczyglow workshop.

Every month there are multiple meetings, plays, presentations and expositions with a lot Wroclawians and tourists participating. And it is going to continue the whole year.
If your arrive to Wrocław from New Zealand, one more attraction that lets you feel as at home—try ' Sky Tower in Wrocław'

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