100 years ago. Poland regained its independence after 123 years of non-existence on the maps of the world. Independence was not synonymous with regaining freedom. The hundred years wrote a story. A different story. The story that has led us to this day, until 2018, with its diversity, difference and desire for unity. The Polsih Community
in Auckland invites everyone to celebrate together and to reflect on our everyday life and the path to the future. We invite you to twelve events, one event each month introducing Polish contemporary culture and Polish contemporary thought.

November - "November 11 - 100 years Later" in Antipodes



with The Auckland Polish Association, Gazeta Polonia and the Polish Tramping Club
Remembering WWI – 100 years later, in 2018 
Celebrate with Polish Community the end of WW I and Polish Independence Day - “Tomorrow freedom will come” 
On 11 November 1918, 100 years ago, after four brutal years of war, the First World War finally ended with the signing of an armistice between the Allied Powers and Germany in Compiegne Forest near Paris. New Zealand celebrated enthusiastically – “on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month the guns famously went silent”. 
On that day Poland proclaimed independence after 123 years of non-existence on the political map. 
Come and celebrate with us the centennial of the end of WW I and of Poland regaining independence.

10/11/2018 - Piha Beach 6:30PM Sunset walk on Piha

11/11/2018 - Polish House 2:30 PM “Tomorrow freedom will come”

11th of November 100 years later - “Independence and Freedom”
New Zealand and Polish fight for theirs and others’ freedom.
Opening of the ‘Piłsudski’ Exhibition with participation of the ‘Pahiatua Children’ the WWII Siberia Survivors and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Auckland PM
Venue: Polish House 1 McDonald Street, Morningside, Auckland 

3:30PM Family board game afternoon 
‘Ticket to Ride – Europe’ (or bring your favourite board game) 

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