Polish Film in Wellington

Warsaw 44 (2014)  dir. Jan Komasa A big-budget epic tale of youth, love, courage and sacrifice, which takes place during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 against the German Nazi Occupation. WW2 is coming to an end. Warsaw is still occupied by the Nazis. Young people are tired of suffering. They are hungry for a new life and they want it now. The urge to rebel against the occupiers is overwhelming.

Piano recital by Maestro R.A Lustchevsky

"Rafał Łuszczewski zalicza się do wąskiego kręgu najlepszych polskich pianistów młodego pokolenia. Potwierdził swoją pozycję niezliczoną ilością nagród i występów obejmujących szeroki zakres tematyczny utworów biorąc udział w renomowanych festiwalach muzycznych na całym Świecie.



I feel so sentenced by your words

I feel so judged and sent away

Before I go I’ve got to know,

Is that what you mean to say

Ruth Bebermeyer



Great orchestra played in Auckland 2018

Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy - Zagraliśmy w Auckland i Wellington po raz drugi

we Played for the second time and  collected over $ 700 dollars.
This time we played at the Polish House and it was great. Young Polonia Auckland organized the whole event. Thank you !!!!

A great auction conducted by Paweł and Dawid


Christmas 2017 is coming.

 What is Christmas  for us?  

Childhood memories,  tradition, holidays and fun time?

Intense shopping and  rushing? 

Reflection on the everyday life of our lives?

A religious & spiritual  experience?


 Regardless of how and where we spend  Christmas  –

IT is a time of meetings with others and families.

Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

For the second time in NZ 

Wellington & Auckland together

Thanks to Zuzanna and Wellington sztab

Come and Join us


Wellington -  Avodela Park Lower Hutt - see: WOSP Wellington facebook

Gazeta Polonia 09/2017

Publication Date: 

October 2017

Gazeta Polonia 10/2017

Publication Date: 

November 2017

Gazeta Polonia 09/2017

Publication Date: 

January 2018


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