Polish Tramping Club

Event location: 

Arataki Visitor Centre, 300 Scenic Drive, Oratia, Waitakere 0604

Event date: 

12/09/2015 -
10:30 to 12:30

Emigrant Guide - September 2015

If you buy a lot of petrol you can apply for an AA Smartfuel. The more you tank the more discount you have. Each time you can get 6cents discount per litre or save it for next time – yes it is possible to get free fuel but you need to collect the discounts within two months.

The New Zealand evening at "The Embassy of the Pacific" in Cracow

The New Zealand evening took place on August 6th in the Krakow restaurant ‘The Embassy of the Pacific’. This cyclical cultural and culinary event is being organized every month and is addressed to people interested in the South Pacific region. The manager of the Hotel Grodek is Dr.

In memory of Marian Gorzkowski

"Phoning you I am whispering so I do not wake you up"

Marian Gorzkowski (26.01.1915-17.08.1992)

Virtual Museum Kresy - Syberia

On Saturday and Sunday (08/08 and 09/09) Kresy-Siberia New Zealand group had exhibited the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum at the Auckland Family History Expo at the Central Auckland Library. Fascinating information about this unusual museum which exists not only in cybernetic space, although it was created there, but also and foremost in our hearts, memories and family stories.

New Zealand Beaches - Karekare Beach

Encouraged by pictures from Poland of our friends and families relaxing and sun- bathing on the beaches in the hottest temperature that have been recorded for years in Poland, pictures of wind-breakers and the infamous masters of the backdrop, we decided to show that New Zealand has the most beautiful beaches even in winter.

Letter From My School - Doodles

For the last 4 years school made a significant effort to discourage me from formal education. They succeeded. School and I simply do not go with each other.
It started with my passion for doodling at intermediate school. The teachers got anxious very quickly as they simply could not understand my twirls when seeing the doodles on my books.

The Importance Of Details And Non-Mediocrity. The Flag.

The Flag is important and so are symbolic details. Do you know how to hang the Polish flag vertically? We discovered that Polonia in New Zealand does know: the white on the left and the red on the right. This is how the meeting started with Małgorzata Sekuła-Szmajdzińska organised by Bogusław Nowak, the honorary Polish consul in Auckland.

The flag referendum in a nutshell - New Zealand

From over 10,000 submissions, just 4 flags have been handpicked to be chosen next year in a referendum.

Children's Polonia - The Sky's The Limit

Meetings with children are always fun and energetic. Though it is not so easy to organise them - if you want you can and only the sky is the limit! The last day of July there was a 'Polish' assembly at the Marshall Laing Primary School.


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