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My darling granddaughter 1st August 1944

A Story Of Kazimierz Wodzicki

I am 7 years old and just ended a journey of my life. It is 1963 I have travelled through half the world by ship. I left my little world in a Polish town to come to New Zealand to meet an unknown grandmother. I arrived in Wellington with my parents and sister by plane as the ship did not go as far as New Zealand.

Emigrant Guide - August 2015


A good idea to travel and have free accommodation is Couchsurfing, a worldwide hospitality exchange. Couchsurfing is a practice of moving from one friend's house to another, sleeping in whatever spare space is available, floor or couch, generally staying a few days before moving on to the next house.

The City Of The Month: Wrocław

Wroclaw is one of the oldest and most beatuful cities in Poland with a rich history. Its oldest inhabited district is Ostrow Tumski where the early settlers were noted even before the year 990. In those days Ostrow Tumski was an island and a perfect place to build the core of a settlement, with the protection of the river Odra running around it.

August 2015

July was not a slow and sleepy winter month on the southern hemisphere (NZ). There were many interesting meetings. The month started with a holiday program for children "Polish Meetups" which was also very much enjoyed by parents. There was a lot of fun learning in Polish about Polish and New Zealand natural history and favourite animals.

The Magicians’ Guild, by Trudi Canavan

The first part of The Black Magician Trilogy written by Trudi Canavan, the Australian writer, who created an engrossing fantasy, takes the reader to the world of magic at a variety of social levels. It includes characters from the slums and deals with illusive secrets. Sonea, the main character, is a young, poor girl living in a slum.

The City Of The Month: Sandomierz

Sandomierz is one of the most beautiful cities of Poland sometimes known as Little Rome as like Rome it is built on seven hills above the Vistula River. Beginnings of the city are from the 10th century and the name comes from the old Polish name Sędomir or in Latin Sandomir. In the middle ages the city was known as the 'Royal City of the Crown of the Polish Kingdom'.

Teenagers Corner - Unfinished

We’re all going to die. All of us. What a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities; we are eaten up by nothing.” – Charles Bukowski


I was falling, flat-footed, through a needle hole In an old woollen blanket.

New Zealand - To What Extent Unknown in Poland

If you ask the average Pole, with what do they associate New Zealand, the most probable response would be: Hob- bits, sheep, All Blacks or the kiwi. Interestingly, most Poles imagine the country as exotic islands with a tropical climate, where residents rest on sandy beaches under palm trees.

Emigrant Guide - July 2015

New Zealand is a wonderful tourist destination. Kiwis are friendly, trustful and very helpful. Here are a few hits on how to reduce travel cost and have some things to eat when you are longing for food from home.



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